New Patient Information

At Oklahoma Retina, we provide complete services for diagnosing eye conditions. Additionally, many of the treatments needed for these conditions are available within our office. If possible, all evaluation and testing will be completed on your initial visit. In some cases, treatment will begin or even be completed during this consultation. Patients should be aware that the initial comprehensive evaluation, with or without treatment, takes anywhere from one to two hours.

New patients must provide a thorough medical history, including all medications, upon arrival. On each visit, a vision test and measurement of the intraocular pressure will be performed, followed by dilation of the eyes. After a wait to allow your pupils to dilate adequately, you will be examined by Dr. Srouji. Additional testing may be performed. It may be possible for these tests to be performed and interpreted during the same visit.

We suggest that you bring someone to drive you home since your eyes will remain dilated for several hours after the examination. Sunglasses may be helpful in reducing discomfort from sunlight, and are available at the front desk when you leave.

Patient Education

Information concerning the more common diseases of the retina and treatment of these conditions is provided for our patients. This information is available in booklets displayed in our office and on this website.

Dr. Srouji and staff are available to answer your questions and assist you in finding other information concerning your eye problems.


A parking garage is available in the front of building A.

For your convenience valet parking is provided at no cost to you in front of building A, with compliments from Oklahoma Retina, PLLC.

For directions to our office, please click here.

If treatment of your eye problem is indicated, you and Dr. Srouji will discuss and decide the most appropriate course of action.

Surgical treatment may be handled in one of the following ways:

• in the office
• at an ambulatory day surgery center, or
• at a local hospital (usually as an outpatient).

Some types of treatment can be performed in our office at the time of your visit. Ambulatory day surgery usually will be scheduled and performed at a future date. Ambulatory surgery allows the patient to return home or to a local hotel the same day, and be seen the next morning in the office for a postoperative visit.

Surgery Center Locations

Integris Baptist Medical Center
3433 NW 56th Street, Ste 300
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Tel: (405) 945-4200

Financial Policies

Payment for services is the financial obligation of the patient or responsible party. Fees are expected at the time services are rendered. Special policies will apply to the following patients:

MEDICARE We accept assignment on Part B Medicare patients. You are expected to pay your deductible and a 20% co-payment, unless your second health insurance policy covers it.

MEDICAID If your coverage is active, we will file your claim.

HMO / PPO / MANAGED CARE Oklahoma Retina, PLLC has agreed to be a provider for many of the HMO/PPO plans. It is important for you to consult with our billing personnel prior to your visit.

REFERRAL NUMBERS If you belong to a pre-paid plan, HMO, or Point of Service contract, please consult the referral rules in your health plan book. You have an obligation to provide us with the referral number, which you must obtain from your primary care physician (PCP) prior to your visit. Even if another eye doctor refers you to our office, you must have a referral number form your PCP. If you have an established PCP, you may be able to handle this by telephone. For urgent and emergency problems, our office staff will try to help you if you have no PCP and have an urgent medical problem with your eyes. You may not be able to obtain a number without being seen by a plan PCP. In this situation you will be responsible for payment of services. Note: Your health plan has the final word on authorization of referral services.

CO-PAYMENTS – Most prepaid health plans require you to make a co-payment with each visit. These cannot be billed to you, and we will ask for this payment when you check out at our office.

WORKMAN’S COMP – We accept patients with Workman’s Comp coverage. This coverage (as well as accident information) must be verified prior to your appointment.

A 20% prepayment is due prior to the scheduling of any elective surgery If you wish our office will be glad to process your insurance claim for surgical procedures. Please be sure that we have your correct insurance information. If your carrier requires pre-approval or special forms, please notify our staff before your surgery.

If we file your claim, we allow 45 days for the claim to be paid by the insurance company. After that period, we will ask that you pay. If you do not have insurance or the ability to pay, help through a state program may be available. Our staff can provide details.

ITEMIZED STATEMENTS – At the time of your visit, we will provide you with an itemized receipt of all charges and payments. You will need to retain this as a record of your visit and/or use it to file for reimbursement from your insurance company. A monthly statement of your account will be sent to you as long as you have an unpaid balance with Oklahoma Retina, PLLC.

Insurance Plans Accepted

Oklahoma Retina, PLLC is an in-network provider for the following insurance companies. Please note that while we make every effort to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, provider status may occasionally change. It is important to confirm your provider’s network status with your health plan prior to receiving services.

Absentee Shawnee Tribe Health Plans
Accountable Health Plans
ACE International
Acordia National
ACS Benefit Services Inc.
ADM Senior Medical Plan
Administrative Services
Administrators West
Adminone Corporation
Adventist Risk Management
AID Association for Lutherans
AIG Claim Services
AIU Japan Dept
Alaska Electrical Health
Alaska Teamsters
Alliance Health Benefit
Alliance Select OK Health
Alliance Services
Allied National Inc
Allmerica Financial
American Administrators
American Administrative G
American Capitol Insurance Company
American Exchange
American Federation of LA
American Fidelity Assurance
American General Life
American Health Group Inc
American Health Group Alliance
American Income Life
American Medical Security
American National
American Pioneer Life Ins
American Republic Ins Co
Americare Protection
AMIS Construction Co
AMVA Group Health & Life
Anthem Benefits Administrators
Anthem Health Insurance
Anthem Life
AON Select USA Health Net
APWU Health Plan
Association & Society Ins
Assure Care
AVMA Group Health & Life
Bakery Confectionary TOBA
Baldor Electrical Co
Ballard Nursing Center
Bankers Commercial Life
Bankers Fidelity
Bankers Fidelity Life
Bankers Life & Casualty Co
Bankers Life Ins
Bankers United Life Assurance
BCBS Federal
Benchmark Ins Co
Benefit Concepts
Benefit Management
Benefit Planners
Benecomp Inc
Biomet Inc
Blue Advantage Admin
Blue Cross Blue Shield
BlueLincs HMO
BlueLincs Medicaid
Boon Chapman Benefit Admin
Bridgestone Firestone CIa
C L Frates & Co
CABA Administrative Service
Calumet Industries
Cambridge Hertz
Cambridge Insurance
Cambridge Integrated Service
Capella Group
Capp Care
Carpenters & Millwrights
Carpenters Health & Welfare
Caterpillar Inc
CBCA Administrators
CCN I Atlas Administrators
Celtic Life Ins Co
Center of Family Love
Centra Healthcare Admin Serv
Central & Southwest
Central Benefits
Central Reserve Life
Central Security Life Ins
Central States
Central States Health & Life
Central United Life
Charles Machine Works
Chesterfield Resource Inc
Cheyenne & Arapaho Council
Christian Brotherhood New
Christian Care Medi Share
Christian Fidelity Inc Co
Cimarron Nursing & Rehab
CNA Managed Care PHCS
Colonial Benefit Admin
Colonial Penn Life Ins
Columbia Universal
Combined Ins Co
Combined Underwriters Life
Community Care HMO
Community Mutual BCBS
Concordia Health Plan
Connecticut General Life
Conseco Insurance Co
Consolidated Assoc Railroad
Consolidated Benefits Res
Construction Teamster Sec
Continental General Ins
Continental Life Ins
Cooperative Benefit Admin
Coresource Jackson
Corporate Benefit Serv
Corporate Benefit Solution
Corporate Benefit Service
Corporate Health Admin
Corvel Corporation
Crime Victims Compensation
Custom Group Services
Dallas General Life Ins
DBL Services Inc
Definity Health Claims
Deseret Mutual
Diversified Group Admin
E 3 Health
E V Cox Construction
East Central University
Eaton First Health
Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
Employee Benefit Services
Employees Group Ins Program
Employers Resource Group
Equitable Life & Casualty
ERG Admin Service
Farm Land Ins
Federal Correction Insti
First Health
First Health West Pacific
Flex Net
FMH Health Care
Foreign Service Benefit
Fortis Insurance Co
FRA Insurance Plans
Freedom Life
Freedom Network
Gallagher Benefit Admin
GE Financial Assurance
GE Medical Benefits
Geglac Medical Claims
General American Life
General American PHCS
General American Southwest Airlines
GHS Property & Casualty
Gilsbar Inc
Glenn Haven Nursing Home
Globe Life & Accident Ins
GMP Employers Retiree Tru
Golden Corral
Golden Rule
Good Samaritan
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co
Gospel Missionary Union
Grace Living Center
Great West
Great West Life & Annuity
Group & Pension Admin
Group Administrators
Group Benefits
Group Insurance Program
Group Resources Inc
Group Services & Admin Inc
Guarantee Reserve Life Ins
Guarantee Trust Life Ins
Harrington Benefit Serv
Harvest Life Ins Co
HBS Group
HCO Third Party Admin
Health & Welfare Fund
Health Administration Serv
Health Design
Health Net
Healthcare Administrators
Healthcare Oklahoma
Healthcare Solutions Group
Healthplan Services
Healthscope Benefits Inc
HHPO Hosp/Medical Control
Highmark Services
HRM Care Pass USA
HRM Claim Management Inc
lBS Corporation
Independent Employee Cons
Indian Health Services
Insurance Center
Insurance Claims Services
Insurance Management Services
Intercare Health Plans
Jewett Scott Truck Line
John Alden Life Ins Co
John Hancock Mutual Life
Johnson Benefit Admin
Kaiser Permanente
Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma
Kirke Van Orsdel Inc
Klaison & Co
Knippelmier Chevrolet Inc
Laborers Nat’l Health & Welfare Fund
Lawton Community Health Plans
Lewer Agency Inc
Lewer Agency Phillips CIa
Liberty Mutual
Life Ins Co of Georgia
Life Insurance Trust
Life Insurance Association
Life Investors Ins Co
Lifere Insurance Co
Lincoln Nat’I Life Ins
Macori Administration
Mail Handlers Benefit Plan
Mamsi Life & Health Ins Co
Manage Med
Managed Benefit Administrators
Managed Health Resources
Manor Care
Mayo Management Services
MCA Health Care Plan
MEAD Insurance Plan
Medical Mutual of Ohio
Medical Savings Ins Co
Mediplus Claims
MEGA Life & Health Ins Co
Member Services Administrators
Mennonite Mutual Aid
Metropolitan Life Ins Co
Mid Continent Life Ins Co
Mid West Nat’l Life Ins Co
Midwest Operating Engineers
Midwest Security Admin Ins
MIS Insurance Administrators
Monumemtal General Ins
Monumental Life Ins Co
Mutual Assurance Administrators
Mutual Health Services Co
Mutual of Omaha
Mutual Protective Medico
NALC Health Benefit Plan
National American Ins Co
National Farmers Union
National Financial Ins
National Foundation Life
National Health Ins Co
National Rural Electric Coop
National Standard
National States Ins Co
National Telephone Coop
National Travelers Life
New England Health Plan
New Era Life Ins Co
New York Life Ins Co
NOR AM Benefits
North American Admin
North American Health Plan
North American Life & Casualty
Northwestern National Life
NPPN Maroil
NPPN Wasau
NW Plumbing and Pipefitting
NYLCARE Health Plans
ODS Health Plans
OK Operating Engineers Welfare
Oklahoma Physicians Network
Old Surety Life
Olympic Sterling
One Health Plan
Operating Engineers
Outsource One Benefits
Oxford Health Ins
P5 Electronic Health Service
Pacific Life & Annuity Benefit
Palmetto GBA
Panhandle Telephone Coop
Pawnee Benefit Package
PBP Claims
Pensioned Operating Engineers
Permian Claim Services Inc
Philadelphia American Ins
Philadelphia American Life Ins
Phoenix Group Services
Physician Direct
Physicians Life
Physicians Mutual Ins
Pioneer Life
Pioneer Telephone Pipe Fitters Local
Pipeline Industry Benefit
Plan Administrators
Plumbers & Pipefitters
Plumbing & Pipefitting Tr
Pollock Paper Distributor
Postmasters Benefit Plan
PPO Oklahoma
Preferred Care Oklahoma
Preferred Community Choice
Preferred Risk Life
Premier Choice
Premier Claims Administrators
Presidium Inc
Prime Advantage
Principal Financial Group
Principal Health Care
Principal Life Ins Co
Pro America
Pro Net
Professional Benefit Administrators
Protecting People Worldwide
Protective Life
Provident American Ins
Providential Life Ins Co
Providian Life & Health Ins
Prudential Healthcare
Pyramid Life Ins Co
Railroad Medicare
Republic American Life
Reserve Nat’l Ins
Rural Carriers Benefit Plan
S & S Healthcare Strategies
Sagamore Health Network
Schaller Anderson
Seabury & Smith Inc
Security Health Plan
Security Life
Select Benefit Administrators
Senior Health Solutions
Sentry Life Ins Co
Sheet Metal Workers
Shelter Life Ins Co
South Central UFCW
South West Administrators
South West Wood
Southern Risk
St Johns Claims Admin
Star HRG
State Farm Health Ins
State Health Plan
State Insurance Fund
State Mutual Ins Co
States General Life Co
Statesman Nat’l Life Ins
Sterling Investors Life Ins
Sterling Option 1
Strategic Resource Co
Teachers Choice Health Plan
Team Care PHCS
Teamsters Welfare Fund
Texas Farm Bureau Rural
Texas Imperial Life Ins Co
Texas Int’l Life Ins
The Board of Pensions
The Centennial Life
The Claims Trust
The Doctors Co
The Loomis Co
The T H Rogers Lumber Co
The Travelers Ins Co
The Union Labor Life Ins
Time Ins Co
Time Medicare Supplement
Total Plan Services
Tower Life Ins Co
Town of Hall Park
Transamerica Life Ins Co
Travelers Property & Casualty
TREA USI Administrators
Tricare for Life
True Choice USA
Trustmark Ins Co
Tryco Administrative Service
Tucker & Clark
UHC Administrators Inc
Ultramar Diamond Shamrock
Unicare Medicaid
Unifirst Corporation
Uniform Medical Plan
Union Bankers Ins Co
Union Fidelity Life Ins
Union Labor Life Ins
Union Pacific Resources
United American Ins
United Chambers
United Food & Comm Worker
United Healthcare
United Medical Resources
United Safety & Claims
United Teachers Assoc Ins
Universal Benefits Corp
Universal Fidelity Life
USA for Health Care
USA Services
Usable Administrators
USI Administrators Inc
USLIFE Corporation
Valero Energy Corp
Visual Services
W C Hunt
Washington National Ins
Wausau Benefits Inc
Wausau Insurance Co
Welfare & Pension Admin Serv
Western Farm Bureau
Western Bureau
Western Union
Westoak Production Serv
Winterbrook HC Management
Woodward Health Care Serv
Workcare Oklahoma
World Insurance Co
Wynn Construction Co

*** We are an in-network provider for all insurance company plans except for Oklahoma City clinic Network. If you do not see your insurance company mentioned above, please call to confirm with our billing office at (405) 945-4848.


At Oklahoma Retina, PLLC, our mission is simple —
To provide the highest quality retina care available.